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We are Hiring!

What we are looking for:

Job Description:

  • We are looking for someone that has a constant smile on their face and has the love for crepes like we do!

  • Customer service is key so you are expected to have positive energy because that's what we are known for (besides for our amazing crepes of course). 

  • We would like you to have experience in working at a restaurant or food place! 

  • Knowing how to work in a kitchen!

  • Someone that shows up on time and takes their job serious. 

Hours we are looking for:

Monday-Friday: 11am-7pm

Starting: February 1, 2022

If you can work 2 or more of these days fill out an application!

Could potentially work until close (7:30pm) if needed. 

(May work less or more but these are the hours we NEED)

Summers are slow and we close for a month end of July until end of August! Keep that in mind when applying. 

*Could only need to work until end of semester (May) and then restart in beginning of semester (end of August). 

*If you are a college student that is only looking for work during the semesters then this will be perfect for you!


If you feel unsure about your hours working with our hours needed still apply for the job and we can see if it works out!

  • Kitchen, food prep, and food storage areas are clean and properly sanitized. This includes washing dishes and cooking equipment, cleaning floors, sanitizing countertops and cutting boards, and maintaining all areas to health code standards.

  • Prepare food. This includes making crepes or cooking on a grill. 

  • Take food orders. 

  • Interact with customers.

  • Wearing proper uniform (shirt given by us).

We have our busy months and slow months so this job might only end up being seasonal. We will be having some food truck festivals so if we feel like you are ready for them and have the availability you are more than welcome to join!

Job Application

Thanks for submitting!

*You can email your resume too! Make sure you add your name and that it's for the application!

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